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Sitemap V.5.1.1 Task Schedule Error

1 month 1 day ago #562 by Markus
Sitemap V.5.1.1 Task Schedule Error was created by Markus
Hi Sven,

thanks for your great extension! Today, I have installed your newest Version of the Schuweb Sitemap extension V 5.1.1 on a local xampp test system. After executing the scheduled task manually, i got the error message "Unexpected token '<', "<br /> <b>"... is not valid JSON".

After more investigation I found the reason. The response includes a lot of warnings from php and this corrups the json response:<b>Warning</b>:  foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given in <b>C:\xampp\htdocs\websiteStaging100623\plugins\schuweb_sitemap\content\content.php</b>on line<b>648</b><br />

The sitemap itself updates correctly and I have no problems on my prod system because the output of php warnings are disabled here. I am sure the previous version of your extension has no problem while running the scheduled task. Maybe you can take a look and make a fix to improve the user experince?



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1 month 16 hours ago #563 by Sven Schultschik
Replied by Sven Schultschik on topic Sitemap V.5.1.1 Task Schedule Error
Hi Markus,

welcome and thank you for reporting. I will check that.


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