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Sitemap V5.1.0

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #521 by LUCiD
Sitemap V5.1.0 was created by LUCiD
Hello Sven.

I had just installed and tested the new 5.1.0 version. Basically everything works, but I noticed a few things.

1. With the task plugin in the Details tab, the entry for "Type ID" is "PLG_TASK_SCHUWEBSITEMAP", but this is not a translatable text in the source code, instead it is the name for the array within the TASK_MAP constant of the available task functions. Maybe you should change the name to something more descriptive e.g. "SchuWebSitemap.updateXml".

2. You should generally write something into the log, even if everything was completed with Status::OK, so that it can be verified (e.g. if "Individual task logs" is enabled, but also beyond that) when and whether the task was successfully completed.

3. Perhaps you should not activate all entries for "Sitemap XML type" straight away. Not everyone uses all three types, but most probably the sitemap type. For example, I do not use the newsmap.

4. In the sitemap for the images, you should check the entries for "image:loc", that is, the image URL associated with an article, to see if it already exists for that article. For example, I use the JCE plugin "JCE MediaBox" for image (Slimbox) popups and if an image has such a value (as a href click event), the "image:loc" appears in duplicate for the corresponding article entry in the image sitemap.
I think that even if an image appears two or more times in an article, one entry for this image in the article sitemap entry is sufficient.

Greetings and have a great time!

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1 month 2 weeks ago #522 by Sven Schultschik
Replied by Sven Schultschik on topic Sitemap V5.1.0

thank you for report. 1,2,4 will be checked and fixed.

3. was a decision based on the Sitemap v4 and earlier, which provided as well every three at anytime. But I will think about it.

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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #523 by LUCiD
Replied by LUCiD on topic Sitemap V5.1.0

thank you for report. 
You are welcome!

Oh and thanks for the new task plugin.
With it this sitemap is, in my opinion and as far as I know, currently the best free sitemap extension for Joomla - and with the task, it can now go from the develop and testing to the live and productive site.

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