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Sitemap exclusions

3 months 2 days ago - 3 months 2 days ago #474 by Mark Watson
Sitemap exclusions was created by Mark Watson
I'm using Schuweb Sitemap Manager v 4.0.0 with Joomla 4.4
How can I specify exclusions to the sitemap?
Also, how can I edit the sitemap? There is an onscreen tip that says to log in the 'front end' a Super User and then edit the sitemap. There is no login at the form end of my Joomla site. I did log into the back end as Super User and I still cannot edit the sitemap.
WHen I click 'Sitemap' there is an 'Edit Sitemap' button that doesn't do anything. Also the sitemap details box is empty.
Can you assist me please.

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3 months 23 hours ago #475 by Sven Schultschik
Replied by Sven Schultschik on topic Sitemap exclusions
Hi Watson,

thank you for using SchuWeb Sitemap.

I forked the old xmap and made SchuWeb Sitemap out of it. Over the Joomla versions this feature broke.

I currently rewrite the whole extension to be again future proof. The feature to exclude single items and editing of the sitemap will come back.

It is planned for a 5.2 release. Currently working on the 5.0 release and nearly done.

Sorry that I don't have better news for you. I hope you will stay with SchuWeb Sitemap and help testing the new v5 version.

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