SchuWeb Sitemap 3.4.0 is the first version, which is fully Joomla 4 compatible alongside the Joomla 3 compatibility.

Kunena, Virtuemart and SobiPro are not ready for Joomla 4 yet, so they are excluded from the Joomla 4 package.

Weblinks is not part of Joomla 4 Core anymore, so it will be excluded from the package in one of the next releases.

Therefor the plugins of weblinks and zoo got their own update server entrie. These two packages will be excluded in a future release from the main package and available as own plugins to download and install. This should lower the amount of extensions in your Joomla installation which where not used by you.



  • J4 compatibility for com_content, #79 com_newsfeeds, #82 com_weblinks, #83 com_zoo
  • #76 Update Backend and Backend Output to J4 bootstrap version
  • #88 Uninstall not supported plugins on update on J4
  • #54 Don't use mootools anymore
  • #92 Own update XML file for com_weblinks
  • Own update XML file for com_zoo



  • #67 Kunena Menu gets ignored in XML if menu with alias is available
J4 related
  • #85 newssitemap 500 error
  • #71 behavior::modal not found.
  • #72 500 behavior::tooltip not found
  • #73 Show loged in HTML sitemap in frontend error 500

Known issues:

Those plugins are not Joomla 4 compatible, because the extension they relay on are not yet J4 compatible

  • Virtuemart
  • SobiPro
  • Kunena

Those plugins will not come back and are removed from code because of stall development

  • K2



Download SchuWeb Sitemap 3.4.0 Joomla 3

Download SchuWeb Sitemap 3.4.0 Joomla 4

Download Plugin Zoo 3.4.0 Joomla 4


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