1. Go to the extension administration view. There is a green notice, that you don't have all sitemap extensions aktivated you could. Click on the "extension manager" link in the notice.
  2. Now you can see a list of all installed sitemap extenions. Activate those you need, for example the "com_content" plugin.
  3. Now go back to the SchuWeb Sitemaps Manager view and click on "New"
  4. Now you see the form to create your first sitemap. Fill in the "Title", then click on the Tab "Menus"
  5. There you see a list of all your menus. Choose those menus you want to include in the sitemap.
  6. Click save and  you will get back to the sitemap list. You're first sitemap is already online. Right beside the name of the sitemap you can see three links. The first link is the link to your XML file, which you can add to the searchengines.SchuWebSitemap6


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