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Open the tab "Kunena Forum Thread Options" in the module configuration. There you have three input boxes. The first input field "Category ID" represents the forum category ID which should be used to create the birthday wish threads.
The second field is not important for all newer Kunena versions starting with 2.0.
The third field "Bot ID" has to be filled with an user ID of an existing user account. Important: This user account needs to have writing access to the forum category choosed above.


How to show the actual name instead of the username?

  • Go to your Kunena configuration under the user tab and set the option "Display User Name" to NO to display the real name

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How to position the module at the bottom of Kunena?

  • Go to the module configuration and choose the kunena_bottom layout on the right. And then choose the module position kunena_bottom. If it is not in the list, just type it into the field and save the module.


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