The Joomla! language override is a powerfull tool to configure text pieces after your needs.

Go to the 'Language Override' admin page

 language override system page


Choose the language

You need to choose the language for which you want to change a text string. For SchuWeb Birthday you need to choose always the language with the postfix "Site"

language override choos language


Create a 'New' override

language override new


Search for the language constant

On the right side of the language override form you can search for a constant. Here is a list of the commonly wanted constant for SchuWeb Birthday.

  • SW_KBIRTHDAY_SUBJECT - used for 'forum thread' and 'e-mail' feature of SchuWeb Birthday
  • SW_KBIRTHDAY_MESSAGE - used for 'forum thread' and 'e-mail' feature of SchuWeb Birthday
  • SW_KBIRTHDAY_HAVEBIRTHDAYIN - used to display the birthday in the module
    • %1$s -> name
    • %2$s -> SW_KBIRTHDAY_DAY(S)
    • %3$s -> SW_KBIRTHDAY_ADD_AGE
    • %4$s -> SW_KBIRTHDAY_DATE

Keep in mind to use the placeholders in the correct meaning. You can use those in any order in your string as long they written exactly the same way.

language override search constant


Change the text and save

Click on one of the search results. The two fields 'Language Constant' and 'Text' will be automatically prefilled. Now you can adjust the text in the 'Text' field like you wish and save the override. Now your text will be used instead of the default one.

language override adjust text save


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