Our Joomla! extensions are all OpenSource and free of charge. Support is also free of charge. Nevertheless, we do have costs that need to be paid. This is done out of our own pocket. We have had a donation button on our website for some time now, which is actually used to make donations from time to time. The donation progress bar is intended to show how much support we have received and how much is still missing to cover the basic costs, such as hosting and services. The annual costs currently amount to 356€.

Thank you for your support!

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Calculation Interval

The calculation interval is a performance versus accuracy setting. Depending on how much members and visitors your website have, the default settings of the module can cause unneeded processing time and CPU load.

On the other hand we wanted to avoid the need of a cronjob.

Each time

Every time the website is loaded by a web browser the module calculates the time to the birthday of your members. This is OK for most websites. If you have a lot of visitors this can cause unneeded CPU load. For this we have create the second option.

One time per day

 If you choose calculate one time per day, the module saves the timestamp in the database when it was calculated and after 24 hours he calculates the next time.