Kunena Birthday Module 1.9.0 released.

This release adds some new features and fixes even more bugs. See release notes for more information.

This version is the first with Joomla 3 support.

+ disable or enable usergroups to show
+ Joomla 3 (3.2) compatibility
+ add thread created table

^ Mouse over text should be changed for bot setting

# Joomla 3.2 : You can't select user groups (the list is not present)
# Line breaks \n does not work in birthday messages
# Joomla 3.2 : birthday breaks the page (Part 2)
# Joomla 3.2 : birthday breaks the page (Part 1)
# Group selection lost selected groups
# Email sending fails when SMTP mode

More information and download: extensions.schultschik.com/modswkbirthday/modswkbirthday-1-9-0